The idea of adoption was growing in our hearts long before we started the official adoption process. Here's a basic idea of our timeline so far.

   Feb - Grant and Brooke moved to the United States (6 weeks after our wedding!)

   Apr - Maxwell is born!

   Nov - Obtained "Green Cards" (Permanent Residency in USA)

   Jan  - Began to research whether adoption was legal/possible for us
   Mar - First visited an adoption agency; discovered that we could legally adopt
   Apr  - Reading, praying, talking about and researching adoption
   Nov - Decided to adopt!  
   Dec - Home Study visit #1 of 3! The process begins!   

   Feb - Home Study visit #2 of 3, completed many requirements
   Apr - Final Home Study visit (3 of 3)! Our social worker is ready to show our profile
   May - Home Study completed
   Jul  - Launched our fundraising campaign  
  Oct  - Signed on with a 2nd agency 
  Nov - Met with a birth mom, did not result in a match

   Jan 14th - Our future son was born in Wichita - we had no idea he existed!
   Feb 1st -  Signed on with an Adoption Consulting agency
   Feb 11th - Heard about Marcus - agreed to be considered to adopt him
   Feb 12th - Chosen to adopt Marcus! Began the drive to Kansas
   Feb 13th - Held our baby boy! Met his birth mom for the first time!
   Feb 14th - Filed adoption papers!
   Feb 19th - ICPC Clearance to leave KS
   Feb 20th - Met with Judge & attorney at Sedgwick County Courthouse in KS
   Feb 21st - Arrived home in Nashville, a family of four! 
   Feb 28th - Marcus's due date! At seven weeks old, he's really zero
   Mar 4th - Marcus admitted to hospital after a severe apnea episode
   Mar 7th - Marcus discharged from hospital
   Mar 11th - An ENT diagnosed Laryngomalacia. Back on apnea monitor 24/7
   Mar 14th - Post-placement visit with Heaven Sent Children 
   Mar 28th - Marcus's adoption was finalized in the Kansas courts!
   May  6th - Marcus is officially removed from the apnea monitor!  
   July 14th - Marcus turned six months old - a healthy, thriving boy!

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