About Us

Obviously, this was written before we added Marcus to our family through adoption!
A new plan "A" for the "N" family!

We are: Grant from Australia, Brooke from New Zealand and five-year-old Max, born in the USA! 

For a long time we have hoped and prayed that our family would grow. Now those hopes and prayers are close to being realized - not in the way we first imagined, but in a way that is beautiful, mysterious and much needed. Adoption was initially our "back up plan". However, in the midst of years of fertility struggles we began to think, read and pray... and watch friends around us welcome children into their families via adoption. Our hearts began to ache for birth-mothers in crisis who bravely choose a life for their baby and for the "orphans" who need families. When we realized that adoption was well and truly in our hearts we dropped our old Plan "A" and took on a new one: Adoption. After all, we believe in a God of redemption and grace and new Plan "A"s. Feeling certain in our spirits and undaunted by the seemingly impossible financial hurdles, we have begun the journey to adopt a baby from within the United States.

We have been married for eleven years and have been living in Nashville, Tennessee all that time. We are thankful to have a wonderful marriage. We consider ourselves best friends and a great team - whether we're doing a home improvement project, parenting, or doing our small bit to help make the planet a better, more loving place. We are a traveling, outdoor-loving, board game playing, story-telling family with a healthy dose of laughter.

Grant is a self-employed, independent public speaker and musician. Primarily, Grant works to teach and encourage people to care for other people - especially the materially poor children around the world - through Compassion International. It’s not an affluent line of work, but it is deeply rewarding. Brooke is currently a full-time mum and administrative helper to Grant, taking a break from her work as a Nutritionist. Max is an outgoing, bright boy who is excited to be a big brother!

We hope you will join us on our domestic adoption journey. Please pray for us, share our blog with others and consider helping financially. The needs are great. We appreciate your support from the bottom of our Aussie, Kiwi and Tennessee hearts! Thank you all.


  1. Your blog is inspiring and fun! Thank you for including me in your journey. My guesses for non-truths are as follows: #8 (Grant), #2 (Brooke), #10 (Max). If I'm wrong, please do tell...I wanna try again! Big hugs, Faye

  2. My guesses are:
    Grant: 8. He is a qualified school teacher and used to teach 4th Grade

    Brooke: 7. She used to dress up chickens and push them in a pram

    Max: 8. He will eat a whole bell pepper like it's an apple

    Am I right? God bless you guys!

    1. Nicola Wassell-JonesJuly 7, 2012 at 2:24 AM

      My gosh you are such an inspiring family and anyone that is looking to take the path of adopting out their precious bundle should look no further.... You can see the happiness in every picture you guys post and in every word you write. Max has the best life a little boy could ask for, so many amazing experience's and I'm so glad that I get to hear about some of them. All the best and I hope that you guys get your blessing soon xxxxx

      My answers are: Grant 3, Brooke 2 and Max 10

    2. Thanks, Nicola! And... 2/3 correct :)

  3. Grant.. 3 or 5... I'll say 5, Brooke.. 2, Max... 10

    David Furlong

  4. Grant - 5
    Brooke - 8
    Max - 10

    1. I'm not sure who this is, but Brooke genuinely does not like watermelon! Otherwise, well done.

  5. #8 is true for me!

    So - Susie and Faye - not correct!

    I'll let Brooke respond for the hers and Max's.


  6. Congrats to David Furlong for being the first one to guess them all!

    These are not true:
    Grant (5): As a child he dreamed of being an actor
    Brooke (2): She is a twin
    Max (10): He loves scary movies

    Everything else is true! Surprised?